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Patience in Homeschooling

Comic by Todd Wilson

Still homeschooling?!

I just wanted to put out a note of encouragement to homeschooling parents today. The newness and excitement of homeschooling may have, well, worn off at this point. That is normal.

When first starting a diet or other healthy lifestyle change (saving money, exercising, studying, etc.), at first it is exciting and you are motivated to be successful. Then it starts getting hard.

You have a party coming up....there is a need a is tempting to go back to the way things were before you started this healthy new thing, which right now is not that fun.

Hang in there, homeschooling parent! Homeschooling is hard, but it will pay off in the end.

A difficult assignment may mean backing up in your child's lessons. It is okay to go backward or take breaks from certain material. It can be studied later when your student is ready.

My first year of homeschooling felt like one step forward, three steps backward. Every day.

But it just felt that way. I am glad my husband pushed me to keep going.

Keep going! Keep meeting your child's needs, spending time together, allowing your student to pursue some of their own interests, or focus on life skills.

If you do have one those days, know you are not alone. And there will be less days when you don't end up in the closet (see above)!

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