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At Shofar Farms we are always aiming to learn more about growing fruits and vegetables in the most natural way. Every spring the seeds are planted in our maintained garden to produce organic crops. 


If you drive by Shofar Farms during the fall months it is not unlikely to see pumpkins for sale at the gate! These fun gourds have so many uses. If you can't find a use for them right away they keep well in a pantry for weeks!

Probably the most effective and natural method we have found to grow food is what we call The Back to Eden method. The main principle is to cover the soil in order to trap the moisture. A thick layer of fine wood-chips is applied over all the surface of the garden mimicking the leaves one would observe on the forest floor. So as in the the forest, under the leaves, so the soil under the wood-chips is protected from drying out in the sun. This method is looking back at how nature was created like in the garden of Eden described in the Bible.

After just one year of this practice we saw results. All the plants were twice as big as usual and grew beautiful crops! 


Anyone who has visited New England knows that wild apple trees are abundant! Come autumn they cover the ground with their apples. It is a favorite past time of ours to collect them and later preserve them as applesauce, apple-pie filling, chips, crisps, and more. They are yummy in any form!


They are also very healthy for the sheep! They love the treats and we love to know that these snacks are keeping them bright and healthy.

Some of our favorite things to grow include:



         green peas






         and Zucchinis!

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