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Experience the Maine woods in an authentic Mongolian style yurt.We provide a space for your family and friends to get away and enjoy simplicity. Nearby are many options for the kayaker, skier, backpacker, hiker, fisherman, campers, and explorers!


The campground has an outhouse, fire pits, creeks with bridges, and outdoor furniture. 

The historic fishing town of Eastport is only minutes away. The nearby Moosehorn wildlife refuge and BoldCoast trails are fun and adventurous ways to see Maine's rocky coastline.

Calais is 30 minutes away,

Bangor is 2 hours away,

Bar Harbor and Acadia

are 2 hours and 20 minutes away.


The yurt is an ingenious structure. Developed by ancient Mongolians, every detail of its design provides efficiency and strength. The lattice walls are made to bundle together into a light-wight sheet of wood when not in use. The low, cone-shaped roof easily holds up against the pressure of snow in winter. The circular shape of the entire yurt is resistant to wind as the air moves around the structure. 


They are also very cozy! The inside space is designed to keep all the warm air from a wood stove or heater inside. A much appreciated feature in the cold winters of Maine!

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