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       Icelandic Sheep are descended directly from the sheep brought to Iceland by Viking settlers, in the early ninth and tenth century.   Icelandic sheep are genetically identical to the original breeding stock from over 1100 years ago.  They are probably the oldest breed and have the purest line of all modern domestic sheep worldwide.  Our pasture raised sheep all are sourced from the most reputable breeders, and we enjoy their character, personality, and attractive horns.  Meet the Sheep!

Our Sheep
Our ram is Argyle, a one year old.

This is Rue, an Ewe

Aviv, an ewe lamb with her mother, Blossom

The Lambs (born April 2019)
​Asher....ram, from Aster
Aviv, ewe, from Blossom

Maple...ewe, from Marigold

Rue...ewe,from Dandy
Thresh..ram from Dandy
Coal & Dusty, ram twins

Dusty and Coal (Ram Twins)

with their mother Lily

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