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Icelandic Sheep

We have found through raising livestock a closer connection to these wonderful animals. We want others to admire the Icelandic sheep as much as we do! We feel it is important to educate others on the preservation of heritage breeds. Come and meet the herd!

Icelandic Sheep are descended directly from the sheep brought to Iceland by Viking settlers, in the early ninth and tenth century.

  Icelandic sheep are genetically identical to the original breeding stock from over 1100 years ago.  They are probably the oldest breed and have the purest line of all modern domestic sheep worldwide. 



Because they originate from the cold rocky pastures of Iceland, they adapt well to the Maine environment and are a perfect choice to local herders. In summer they are content to graze on grass. In winter, when they come back to live in the barn, they are happy to eat bales of local hay.

We love to see others become interested in raising livestock and want to help get them started! All our lambs, born right here at Shofar Farms, will make wonderful additions to your flock whether you are looking to produce your own wool, milk, cheese, or meat.

Please contact us if you are interested in lambs. 


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