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Art show at Crumbs in Calais, Maine!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Our daughter Rebekah is currently featured at Crumbs Bakery in Calais as resident local artist for the month of July.

We are so thankful for this opportunity and excited for her to share her art with the community. Here's her artist biography:

Rebekah Guiltner

Rebekah Guiltner                 Illustrator             Rebekah is a homeschooled high school senior living on a small farm in Perry, Maine.  Since her youth she loved to sketch and recreate on paper what she saw in the world around her.   She has taken art classes in Pocatello, Idaho and at Washington County Community College.   Her art has won first place in the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest five years in a row.   She offers her skills to the community for any art needs, including graphic design, book illustrations, T-Shirt Design, etc.  Look for her drawing featured on the T-Shirts at the Washington County Fair next month! “I am very grateful for the support of my family who encouraged me in my art.  My goal is to use my drawing and painting to draw attention to beauty in everyday surroundings.   People are more likely to look at what is in a frame, and my goal as an artist is to frame the natural scenes of beauty in creation that might otherwise be overlooked.  I hope that my art is thoughtful, and will be an inspiration and a blessing to others.   Though my art is simple in style, I want it to make people appreciate the moments in life that remind us of how fortunate we are.”  Contact Rebekah about illustration work at

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