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Getting Started in Homeschooling 

Homeschooling is a big part of everything we do here at Shofarfarms....and everything is a part of homeschooling.

  • If you or someone you know is considering homeschooling, I encourage you that it is possible to do it successfully!

  • The decision to start homeschooling is scary. I often get myself into thoughts like, 'I can't do this, My kid's futures are ruined because they didn't do xyz in school, etc. " If you feel this way, it doesn't mean you shouldn't homeschool. It means, you are a normal parent who wants to give their child the best education possible. Keep reading!

  • You don't need a Master's degree in Education to homeschool your child. You may not be an expert on educational methods, but you ARE an expert on your child! A classroom teacher has to consider all the needs of all the students in the room. You are able to customize lessons specifically to the needs and skill levels of your child.

  • This makes it hard to get started though...because everyone's journey is different and no one can tell you exactly what to do next. What is the best curriculum, teaching method, learning style, or even the right time of day for your child to learn? Well, no one knows...maybe not even you...yet!

  • Stay tuned tomorrow for Step 1 in this week's Getting Started in Homeschooling series!

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