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Is Pizza Healthy?!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

the answer is can be!

The mission of our farm is to provide the community with food that is grown and prepared locally here in Maine. We hope to provide more local produce as it is ready seasonally.

We also understand about struggling with weight loss and health issues. If 'junk food' didn't taste so good, it wouldn't be a problem! It is a battle mentally as we crave our 'comfort foods'. Losing weight is hard work that requires daily commitment. So in moderation, yes, pizza can be part of a healthy (and weight loss) diet. We only use 100% extra virgin olive oil, we only serve sodas made with cane sugar (no high fructose corn syrup), and we have water available. We strive to avoid preservatives, artificial dyes, etc. Each pizza is custom made when you order it.

I love this story about a NY pizza chef who lost nearly 100 pounds eating a Neapolitan pizza every day: this is our specialty pizza (also known as the Margherita). Check it out:

Growing our fresh basil on the farm for the Margherita Pizzas!

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