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Learning about Passover

If you have always wanted to learn about or do a Passover, this is the perfect time to grab your family members and celebrate one of God's special holidays!

  • When is Passover, and isn't it a Jewish thing?

Yes, the Jews celebrate Passover, but the Bible calls it a 'feast of the Lord.' Passover is on April 8th this year, and it commemorates two historical events: the first is the tenth plague of Egypt when the firstborn are killed, but the Hebrews are saved by the Lamb's blood on their doorposts. The second event is when Jesus Christ was crucified to save people from their sin. So anyone who wants to learn about the God of the Bible can learn about Passover!

  • Don't I need a lamb?

Lamb is the traditional meal on this holiday, but you can have any special meal for Passover....roasted chicken, beef, or fish! You can choose what is available or is suited to your family's needs and tastes. It is just a meal to remember what God has done. However Passover starts the feast of Unleavened Bread, which means: nothing with yeast in it! We will have lamb and unleavened bread (Matzo!) and some sides like lentils and salad.

  • How do I do a seder?

A seder is the Jewish name for the Passover meal and it means 'order'. So it is the order in which the Jews pray, read bible passages, sing, etc. You can find many copies of a seder online, but it is up to you to decide what to include at your table. You can read some bible passages about Passover, play some songs on YouTube, pray, light candles, or even act out some bible scenes! The purpose of Passover is to tell the younger generation about God, so I encourage you to include everyone and make it lively and entertaining!

I've included some links below for more information. Happy Passover!

Artwork by Sarah Guiltner

Film of the practice Passover offering by the Temple Institute:

Just for fun:

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