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Why We Love....Our Family... Our Community

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The Shofar Farms Pizza Wagon

Shofar Farms is now open for business and having a great season at the Calais Farmer's Market ....and we'll be in Eastport at Bay City Garage for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday !

Why We Love Calais & Eastport:

The Downeast Maine community is where we call home....although we weren't raised here ourselves, we love the people in this community and hope our children and grandchildren will call it home too. We hope to make a living here while helping you make a living here too.....providing you an affordable & quality meal so you can get back to doing what you do best....whatever that is! We probably will need your services someday.....whether you work in the medical field, automotive, publishing, finance, or like're providing food to the community! So when you see our truck, please stop and buy a pizza for now...or for later!

Why We Love our Mobile Pizza Truck:

We converted a horse trailer which we purchased locally into a mobile pizza food truck. Why? We tried a traditional 'brick-and-mortar' restaurant in Idaho to serve great pizza to the community, and unfortunately it didn't work out for us. The problem with the restaurant is the overhead expenses of rent and employees were so high that the business was underwater (financially!) We thought maybe it just takes time....but we realized that we couldn't keep up the quality we wanted for each customer (a custom made pizza made fresh when you order it) and also keep up with the expenses of a restaurant which was based on a fast-food model (counter orders and seating, but no waitstaff ....)

So this food truck business allows us to do what we wanted for each you, talk with you, and find out exactly how you want your pizza....and then create it! Hand-made by our family when you order it.

And are we culinary school chefs? Well, no ! We just believe great pizza is how you make it, not who makes it. Hand-made brick ovens with Wood-fire is the oldest method of cooking and in our opinion, the quality is superior.

The brick oven inside was handmade here in Downeast Maine

Why We Love our Family Business:

At Shofar Farms, our family comes first....just like at your home. We decided to operate a family pizza business because we wanted to continue our lifestyle which includes homeschooling our three children and homesteading (growing our own food through raising livestock and gardening).

We also harvest all our own wood for the wood fire....which is a lot of work out in the woods! (Quality Family Time....Chopping, Splitting, Hauling, Stacking?!) Good exercise anyway.

So thanks for your all support...see you for lunch tomorrow!

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