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Time to get back to Work!

Well, the time has come...Shofar Farms Pizza will be up and running on Wednesday, May 20th!

Can't wait to see everyone for a hot brick oven pizza. In the meantime, check out our Quarantine Journal:

2020 Quarantine Journal:

We are full time homeschooling: one graduating senior preparing for college, one ninth grader, one sixth grader. We study the Bible, foreign language (Hebrew), History (and Government/Economics this year), Science, Math, and English (Literature and Spelling and Writing). Right now Josiah is reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. He tried reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and Call of the Wild, but he said they were boring (?!) Sarah is reading My Side of the Mountain, and Rebekah just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

We celebrated Passover, but due to the quarantine, we did not have anyone else over to join us. Rebekah was supposed to have a graduation ceremony with the other homeschoolers from Maine, but it was cancelled. She decided to finish the display board she was working on anyway. The event has been rescheduled to take place on Zoom and the graduates will be addressed by the president of the national homeschool association in Washington D.C.!

She had to attend Accepted Students Day at her college, and take the tour online, virtually on Zoom. Thankfully, she went to the clinic in Eastport and got the required immunizations in January and took the college's entrance exam in February. The other freshmen who have not done this are currently unable to due to the coronavirus . They cannot come to school to take the test, take SATs, or get an appointment at the clinic, as it is deemed nonessential medical care.

Sarah won second place in the Maine duck stamp competition and received a prize of art supplies. The art show it was to be displayed in was cancelled. Rebekah usually works at Scythe Supply, a local farm equipment supplier, but has not been able to due to the quarantine. She is a volunteer staff member of an online magazine. She and Sarah both submitted to it. Rebekah has two articles in this issue, a two-page bio with pictures, a Craft DIY page, and two Recipe pages! She also submitted an encouraging letter to the editor on trusting God for our daily bread, which was published in the local newspaper. A photo of our sheep and lambs also made it in the newspaper! Sarah has her own Joke page. She has been filming and editing her own videos. There are several available to view on our website, and one she burned onto a DVD. We are full time shepherds of a small herd of Icelandic sheep, which means shearing, feeding, cleaning up after, and starting tomorrow,  milking. All the new lambs were born during the quarrantine, we now have ten in all. Each ewe had twins! We ordered a spindle and wool carders online. We have washed the wool and hope to begin processing the wool soon.

Chicks were hatched and cared for successfully. We also shared four dozen eggs with another homeschooling family who hatched them and started their own flock. We usually are selling wood fired pizza a few nights a week, but we are taking a few months off to stock up on wood for the busy summer season. Every day afterschool is chopping, splitting, and stacking firewood. We also heated our home with firewood this year. Our oil tank was topped off at the end of summer, and we haven't needed any deliveries over the winter. I have a job copy editing for the local newspaper The Quoddy Tides, and Glen has a job taking care of a public aquarium at the Wabanaki Cultural Center. I also blog about homeschooling and family on our website, and regularly post on our businesses' social media page. We have been trying to keep a supply of stored food since this all started, but it is difficult with three teenagers in the house! Rebekah made face masks for us to wear at the store, bandanna style with a filter inside. We watched the Wonder Years series during this time. We also enjoy YouTube. Our favorite channels are: Travel trolls, Sailing Zatara, and Studio C.

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