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Tips for Schooling at Home....or Homeschooling?

Wow...when I did an introduction to homeschooling series at the beginning of this month, I never expected that in just a few weeks....every student in America would be homeschooled.

If you thought, "I didn't think I could do homeschooling before, and now I know I can't!" You're not alone.

If you are an unexpected homeschooling parent, please realize that most of your child's teachers had very little time or notice to prepare 'work packets' to send home. I don't believe any teacher considers this an ideal learning situation. I encourage parents and students not to stress over these assignments.

I know all of you want to meet your teacher's expectations. You and your child's teacher have the same goal: excellence and progress in your child's education. The same destination. However, it may feel there is a mountain in your way!

There just may be more than one way of reaching this destination: more than one way over or around this 'mountain' of paper and work that many of your students are facing:

Tips for going up the 'mountain':

  • Take breaks: don't try to complete all the day's work at one sitting. Do one subject, then take a break like having a snack, playing outside, etc.

  • Work whenever! If your child is not a 'morning person', wait until they are at their best. If this schedule doesn't work out, you can always go back to first-thing-in-the-morning school tomorrow. You may find your student's attitude is totally different at a different time of day.

  • Reward System: Choose something your child can work towards when their work is complete. It may be each day or a bigger goal, like at the end of the week, when they finish a book or large assignment, etc. The reward could be they get to choose what the family watches on tv, what to have for dinner, what game to play, etc.

Tips for going 'around the mountain':

Consider alternatives if a subject is challenging:

Math: Do some cooking or baking to learn fractions. Do problems outside with sidewalk chalk. Add or subtract using candies, cereals, or Legos. You can take a picture to show your child's teacher!

English: Suggest an alternative book or writing assignment which is a topic your child may be more interested in. When finished your child could do a book report, written, or oral, or a poster project. Spelling: use Alphabets cereal, magnets, or write their words on a tray filled with shaving cream!

Science: do an experiment or science fair type project about what your

student is studying. Spring is a great time to plan a garden and start seedlings!

History: Watch a documentary together. Your child could then write a paragraph about it. Create a scene of a battlefield with army guys, Legos, or draw and cut out your own figures. Use to practice geography.

If you have access to your child's teacher, ask them if the alternative assignment you propose will work. They may have ideas on how to help your child complete it!

Pray for guidance: Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,"

Keep calm and school on!

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